Steve “Lip” Lipton has described his music journey as “being a fan with an instrument.” He is equally happy strumming a 6 string with friends around a fire pit, recording original songs in his home studio, or performing on a stage with the band in front of hundreds of people. While he is comfortable playing guitar, mandolin, drums and even a little keyboard, Lip always seems to return to the bass when playing with a group. Maybe that’s because he was tapped to play bass in his college band three weeks before he even owned an instrument, let alone knew how to play it. While 35 years have passed since he stood in line all night to buy that discounted red Yamaha 250, his commitment to rocking has never wavered. He has played in bands large and small, sharing the stage with professional musicians and people who, like him, are in it just for the fun. Now Lip has joined Gotcha Covered, teaming with Woody to forge the band’s legendary heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-quaking, booty-shaking, love-making rhythm section. This adventure has turned into a blessing of new friends, new music, and new smiles to be shared with you.

percussion (hand & trap set),  vocal




Being a “Band Geek” all his life, Woody exposed himself to learning to play lots of musical instruments…….just about every brass instrument, electronic keyboards, some reed instruments (even kazoo) from elementary school through high school and then into college performing in various concert, jazz, orchestra and marching bands.  However, over the years, something was lacking……the one instrument he always wanted to learn to play was the trap drums. So in 2005, Santa (that’s right, Santa!!!!) delivered an inexpensive electronic drum set for him to learn on.  Since then, with countless hours of practice, Woody has transcended his skills to be an accomplished percussionist playing for “No Guitar Left Behind” (2009-2014) and now with “Gotcha Covered”. Definitely no Neil Peart, Keith Moon, or Dave Grohl, but loving every chance to keep trying!!

bass guitar, vocal

Alex has been performing since she could talk has loved it ever since. She has many musical talents but guitar and rousing vocals are what she is known for in the band.  Being the band is a blast, allowing her to get her musical fix when she is not busy with life in general.     


This is Deanna’s first foray into singing with a band, but she’s always had a passion for music and has viewed it as the soundtrack to life.  It’s been central to so many memories or for others, the accompaniment.  Growing up in Ohio, she took dance and voice classes, participated in musical theater, and sang with her college choir.  Fast forward through the years of graduate school, career, and other creative endeavors, and she mostly enjoyed music as a collector, concert-goer, and prolific mix-tape/CD maker.  She’d occasionally get her singing fix, though – singing that first dance song at a friend’s wedding or jumping on stage with her favorite disco band.  A few years ago, Deanna decided to return to voice lessons, and a year later, she connected with Gotcha Covered.  Ever since that first rehearsal, she’s had a blast and is proof that we can throw ourselves into new, cool, and scary adventures at any age.  She’s extremely grateful for the chance to work with such multi-talented musicians and looks forward to increasing her range and repertoire.  To her bandmates and the fans that support Gotcha Covered, she says, thank you, and rock on!  

"Gotcha Covered" has been playing great cover tunes for the local DC area since 2014, bringing you the tunes you know and that you forgot you knew from across the decades.  Classic rock, rock, pop, country, blues, R&B are all part of the fun.  Looking for great musical memories and great fun?  We've "Gotcha Covered".    






Tom started playing guitar with a couple of friends in 1976. After learning some basic chords from them, continued learning on his own. First band was Tom, Bill and Tom. A trio playing some blue grass and country. This lead to Sweet Honey & The Bad Mouth Boys when a friend won the Miss Buffalo Country Western pageant with her beautiful voice. Sweet Honey was one of the best country bands in Buffalo from 1978-1982 playing a mix of cover and original music. Two original songs, "Easy Going Man" and "I'll Get Even With You" were recorded to a 45 and received some local air in the Buffalo market. When Sweet Honey split up, Tom, Bill and Tom kept playing for fun. Tom then took about a 30 year break from playing music to make a living and raise a family. After discovered some friends in the Northern Virginia area that also played, joined them for some fun which eventually  evolved into Gotcha Covered Band, a group of Dad's getting back to what they loved doing years ago and bringing that fire back into theirs, their families and your lives once again. Hope you can make the time to come out and gave some fun with us. We don't play out much, but when we do, we have a great time and you will too!

Vocal, acoustic & electric guitar

About the band






Gotcha Covered marks a long overdue and much enjoyed return to music for Scott after a nearly 30-year hiatus.  Music and theater performance were a large part of Scott's high school and college years, including lead and supporting roles in a wide variety of productions, ranging from 'Guys and Dolls' to 'Little Shop of Horrors' to Romeo and Juliet, to 'Evita'.  Scott has played a wide variety of instruments since age 10 and honed his vocal skills in school choirs.  School singing tours included performances in Quebec,Italy, the United Kingdom, and across the U.S.  However, Scott's favorite musical memory of those early years is collaborating with his high school classmates to stage a "takeover" of the high school jazz band to form the Blue Zeus Blues Band, a 10-piece group that entertained local school and festival audiences with tunes by such groups as Sam and Dave, the Blues Brothers, Tower of Power, and Booker T and the MGs, You can even find a Blue Zeus rockcumentary on YouTube. Now, nearly 30 years later, Scott has rediscovered his passion for music, and is sincerely grateful to be pursuing that passion with three great friends and talented musicians, and is thrilled to be playing for and sharing this experience with his family and friends.